Skirts from recycled shirts


After much prodding, I’m blogging the skirts I’ve been making.  I make these skirts from t-shirts I purchase at garage sales or secondhand stores.  I wash and dry the shirts before I cut them out so they shouldn’t shrink anymore.  I use a serger sewing machine to piece together sections of t-shirts to make really comfortable skirts!  Send me a comment if you have any questions. -Susie

Skirt Features:

  • Double T-Shirts – I use 2 t-shirt layers.  Where some sellers only use single t-shirt layer.  The problem with a single layer is that material tends to roll up, whereas 2 layers stay flush.  Plus, 2 layers are more comfortable and give the skirt a better feel.
  • Grommets – I use grommets to secure the drawstring openings.  Without grommets, the openings would tend to tear.
  • Tapered Wasteband – It takes more time to make a tapered wasteband, but the results are worth it.  The skirts fit better, and you will look better wearing them.
  • Drawstring – It is really important to have a drawstring.  It will allow the skirt to fit well and securely.  It also makes the size of the skirt more forgiving.  This is especially nice for gifting.
  • Extended Length – I make them a little longer so you can feel comfortable wearing them anywhere.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved the Corona skirt. How do I order it? Are you going to have more styles?

  2. Hello Susie, My name is Lisa McCann from Waupaca. I have a shop here in Waupaca, and a customer of mine was wearing one of your skirts. Loved it! I was wondering if you do any wholesale? If so, I would be very interested. Please email me back if you do, and any info that you would need.

    Thank You, Lisa McCann

  3. Susie- I would’ve loved to have been the winner of the skirt “battle” on Saturday:) Can I order one? I really loved the skirt that Mary bought as well…Love the similar colors and different textures used. I like shades of blacks, grays. Size Medium.

    I’d love to get one for the holidays!

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